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Traveling is my passion..Exploring the World with open eyes and heart.. I prefer visiting cities and villages to learn about the culture, colours, their craziness and the peace the light brings…Cities are created by humans…when we visit do we go to them for comfort…or to look into their history and ambience or to step on the roads where empires held their battles. I hope the feelings I have whilst being there come real in my pictures….

Many times we go somewhere and sit and soak in all that feeling travel back in time..back to our memories…to another life (well if that’s what we want to feel) or remind us of something..or is the wish to experience something absolutely new?

That’s been my motivation when working on the books Cairo Inside Out and Egypt Inside Out.  To be totally absorbed into the place and cut through our curiosity. In the page: Streets of the World  there are the streets of two countries I hold very dear for my long time spent there through my travels as a publishing photographer (Egypt) and Humanitarian (Nepal) This is a collection of the colourful bright streets the way i felt them. I hope those collections take you there.

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