Nepal, 2019

This is a project I made for The Yearley Trust  an English charity supporting a vast rural area in Nepal. Nalang is a sprawling wide spread community in rural Nepal, of about 11,000 people.

In 2008 with most adults illiterate and 60% living below the poverty line, the strong community spirit led the parents to want an education for their children, so they built a community school. In 2015 the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal, and whose epicentre was near Nalang, destroyed or badly damaged 95% of the buildings in Nepal including the school at Nalang.

Undaunted, the Community of Nalang got to work and rebuilt the school before repairing their own houses.

I admire the fantastic spirit of the community, their ability to unite and understanding what the majority of people live for is to get their kids through school, see their families grow and to be the best person they can and wake up and go through their day with dignity and motivation with hope for a better future of their sons and daughters……these are  the humans I care about and want to show in my documentaries.

Here I present my admiration in a few pictures from my visits there as a trustee for the charity.

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