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When I look into a new culture I am not influenced by the politics, history, class etc. I understand their importance but for me what the majority of people live for is to get their kids through school, see their families grow and to be the best person they can and wake up and go through their day with dignity and motivation with hope for a better future of their sons and daughters……these are  the humans I care about and want to show in my documentaries.

I like to travel and explore the world with a sense of passion and purpose and always tell the story through my lens. Many of my stories are focused on non-conflict, disaster relief and human rights issues. Currently I am working with The Yearley Trust in a rural area of Nepal, portraying the humans commitment and sense of community while recovering from the devastating earthquake of 2015, which destroyed or severely damaged 95% of the buildings. You can see my project  ‘Future Along Humanity’ at the Nonprofit section. And under here are some shots of the brave, bright young students and the every day hope for better tomorrow. While some have to walk for kilometers every day to get to school, the whole village where the school is situated has dedicated themselves to providing absolutely their everything to make the walk worth it.

When looking at unknown parts of the world, from the outside in, where poverty is prevalent, I want people to see past the poverty, to see the humans staying and fighting for better together, how they find happiness, peace and pride in simply that.

I became interested  in different cultures while living in Egypt for 7 years, trying to understand what drives humanity and all the ways that we are different but also the things that we all share  …. My passion for Egypt led me to have 4 books published there .

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