Currently available in  South of France (Var) and The Kingdom of Bahrain

There are moments in our busy every day life that we can’t always remember. We love them and they make us smile…but they are easily forgotten…a day of just simply having breakfast together, or a picnic lunch.  With my observation photographs I want you to remember those moments with gratitude for simply having enjoyed them.

In addition to my candid wedding photography, I like to capture family moments, secret smiles and the love within your family. Similarly, my Wedding Photography Style, is not formal portraits style. I prefer to shoot as an observer, while spending time with your family, in a very casual atmosphere, observing your everyday life, or, if you are having an event,  creating honest authentic memories of your very special times.
What I offer is to spend a few hours with you, morning, or afternoon, or the whole day, simply watching and taking pictures you will treasure for ever.

If you would like a ‘Family Living Moments’ session, please get in touch with me here to discuss your requirements, and come up with some great ideas together

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