Here are some of my art photographs represented by two projects:

Airports – is a long term continuing project inspired by my love of traveling, flying and exploring. Being in an airport can bring all types of feelings – excitement, anticipation, loneliness or completely the opposite sense of peace. You can experience love when meeting your close ones for the first time in years… or a mass of humans cold to each other gathered in the same space …you could feel tired, fed up or be curious of the buzz around you.

I like to take my time at the airport to explore the space we all share, thinking of traveling and making the World feel small, with every dream on the palm of my hand. l like to see the light from the big windows slowly creeping through at 5am in Ataturk, Istanbul Airport, greeting people from all over the world gathered at that moment of time before heading off to their next adventure…or In Paris Charles de Gaulle with the small windows on the roof where at lunch time the sun creates funny shapes playing on people passing by ..or when at sunset in Egypt’s Sharm el Sheik Airport the space is filled with bright red light…

Fighting fire with fire – is from my experiences in Luxor, Egypt and of a sunrise Balloon flight over the lands of the pharaohs. Its a memory of a beautiful experience of colour, flying, fire and a large portion of magic.

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