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The Documentary style of wedding photography is a candid style of capturing moments and saving memories. Two people making the commitment of marriage want to remember the day for the rest of their lives. I want my client’s memory of their wedding day to be one full of friends and family,  with everyone being themselves and enjoying the occasion. This is something I’m really quite passionate about.

 I believe the wedding photographs that commemorate their celebration should reflect the personal moments and honest emotions of the occasion – The stolen smiles and looks that just scream ‘I love you’, parents obvious pride, families love, and all the magic moments to retell the beautiful, unique story of how your celebration unfolded as you will want to remember it…

When I was shooting both these weddings in Kenya there was were moments when the music and the emotion took over and I had to join the dance! You can see in the pictures below how it goes! Its just impossible not to join in I just found myself thrown into the heart of it!

Spending hours being directed and posed by the photographer for traditional photographs is not a memory I wish my clients to have of their wedding day. My images will tell the true story of your wedding day.

My take on wedding photography is very different from the “traditional” style. You can also have a look at my ‘Family Living Moments’ Gallery for more inspiration. 

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