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Doriana Dimitrova is an accomplished publishing photographer with three books, picturing her experience in Cairo in collaboration with the American University in Cairo.

The Amazon best seller book ‘Cairo Inside Out’ by Trevor Naylor/ Doriana Dimitrova has caught images of her favorite city with it’s light, madness and colors. As a follow up both authors are now working on a new project ‘Egypt Inside out’ covering the endless magic of the whole country.

Doriana passion for art and imagery spans all the way back into her childhood in Post Communistic Bulgaria, with her father being an artist himself whose career was restricted from the regime.

Her parents nurtured her love and talent for drawing and when she found herself moving to Cairo in 2009, the innate interest in different cultures and traditions awakened. The sights, sounds, smells, colors and fascinating people of Cairo inflaming her artistic tendencies to a completely new level. She started documenting her time there, and then decided to take a photography course at Cairo’s ‘Contemporary Image Collective’ school. She soon realized that her love of art and had found a new outlet.

In no time at all, Doriana found herself travelling to Kenya to shoot a wedding, and this trip was the last hint that she needed to make her realize that this is the future career she desired.

“I think that photography is my way of understanding and communicate with the World and all of its colors, light and diversities. Capturing a moment that will never arise again gives me such joy’”

Doriana’s style can be best described as realism, with a leaning towards a documentary/travel style – as her images capture freeze frames of movement often, and astounding still vista’s at other times. She’s at her happiest in the thick of traditional life, unobtrusively capturing a wrinkled face, or steeling the sunrise for prosperity. She can also bend her talent to commercial pieces, and thoroughly enjoys working closely with clients to achieve a fresh way of looking at their products, and co-creating the needs they envision onto any still medium.

“I dream of travelling the world, meeting and speaking and feeling every little bit of it. Before I found photography I sort of rejected it, as I wanted to lock all the beautiful moments into my head – even now, I don’t capture beauty, nature etc in my lens – only moments. Capturing a moment is my biggest drive”

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  • Roving Eye – Head to Toe in Egyptian Arabic Expressions – American University Cairo Press (Cairo, November 2014)
    check it out here
  • The Taste of Egypt – Home cooking from the Middle East – American University Cairo Press (Cairo, September 2016)
    check it out here
  • Cairo Inside Out- American University Cairo Press (Cairo, January 2017)
    check it out here


*    Architecture Design magazine – Feature for By Papusa Furniture designer


*    Jewelry catalog for  MIMZO Jewellery by Shahnas A Rassoul

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